Survey Select

Narrative Art Exhibition
July 15 – September 5

Introducing “Survey Select—Narrative Art Exhibition,” a contemporary art exhibition celebrating 65 internationally renowned artists. “Survey Select” elevates the narrative tradition of storytelling with original art works, critical writings, workshops, films and community events. Through a unified presentation of painting, drawing, collage and sculpture the public can experience a 8 week museum show for free six days a week from July 15 through September 15 at the Wonderbread Factory in downtown San Diego.

“Survey Select” features a diverse group of 65 cultural instigators not afraid to articulate the complexities of life through their personal, thought-provoking, narrative style. This diverse group of selected artists represents an emerging community of fine art painters from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and the United States, ranging in ages 18 to 75. Many of the exhibition’s artists have been featured in museums, documentaries and books, as well as actively teach. View all 64 artists

Wonderbread Factory
171 14th Street
San Diego, CA 92101