Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artists Award Exhibit

April 17 – May 29

I’m honored to be a finalist in the 2013-2014 Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artists Award. The Awards are given annually by the Forward Arts Foundation to the candidates recognized as the most dynamic emerging artists in the Atlanta area. The exhibition of the winner and four finalists opens tomorrow night 6pm – 9pm at the Swan Coach House Gallery.

Swan Coach House Gallery
3130 Slaton Drive N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30305

Troublesome Houses: Art Inspired by Will Oldham

November 1 – December 13

Participating Artists:
Monica Canilao, Brendan Danielsson, Meredith Dittmar, Doubleparlour, P-­Jay Fidler, David Fullarton, Dolan Geiman, Tom Haubrick, Mark Hosford, Jon Langford, Craig LaRotonda, Kathleen Lolley, Chris Mars, Mascorro, Shaunna Peterson, Bill Miller, Douglas Miller, Anne Peabody, Lee Petty, Ransom & Mitchell, Chris Scarborough, Aaron Tanner, Kevin Titzer, Bryan Patrick Todd, Turf One, Zonenkinder

Louisville Visual Art Association
PUBLIC Gallery
131 W. Main Street,
Louisville, KY, 40202

Risqué {dirty little pictures}

September 20 – November 11

This show opens tonight!

Participating Artists:
F. Scott Hess, Eric White, David Choe, Bob Schneider, Kate Doyle, Kevin Peterson, Brendan Danielsson, Charlie Immer, Ken Garduno, Peter Zokosky, Sean Cheetham, Brendan Monroe, Jeff McMillan, Nathan Spoor, John T. Quinn, Miles Thompson, Natalia Fabia, Shannon Peel, George Thompson, David Molesky, Audrey Kawasaki, Esao Andrews, Ron English, Jeremy Lipking, Aaron Wiesenfeld, Cam de Leon, Glenn Barr, Joe Vaux, Gregory Jacobsen, Peter Ferguson, Dave Cooper, Winnie Truong, Gretchen Ryan, JeanPaul Mallozzi, Korin faught, Thomas Broersma, Soey Milk, Scott Scheidly, Matt Groller, Christopher Slaymaker.

Long Beach Museum of Art
2300 E Ocean Blvd,
Long Beach, CA 90803

Art Dorks Rise

October 4 – November 30

Poster by yours truly

I’m super excited to announce the return of the Art Dorks. I created the flyer posted above for the show. Art Dorks?

Art Dorks Rise is a group show of 30 internationally acclaimed artists exhibiting 30 pieces of original work. The show consists of former members of the Art Dorks Collective, along with several new artists, who’ve come together to exhibit once again, as the collective.

Participating Artists:
Aeron Alfrey, Dan Barry, John Casey, David Chung, Brendan Danielsson, Justin DeGarmo, Mark Elliott, Jad Fair, Joseph Daniel Fiedler, Charles Glaubitz, Robert Hardgrave, Gregory Hergert, Gregory Jacobsen, Jonnie Jacquet, Colin Johnson, Jason Limon, Jon MacNair, Dan May, Christian Rex van Minnen, Chris Mostyn, Heiko Müller, Jason Murphy, Katie Ridley Murphy, Kristian Olson, Matthew Pasquarello, Anthony Pontius, Meagan Ridley, Kim Scott, Scot Sothern, Scott D. Wilson

228 W. King Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084

Zupi #32

I’m happy to have a couple pieces in this month’s issue of the Brazilian art magazine, Zupi.

Colaboradores: 2Minds Studio, Ariel Costa, Bicicleta Sem Freio, Brendan Danielsson, Daniel D’avila, Dean Fleming, Fernando Paiva, Giovanni Scoz Girardi, LostFish, Luciano Spinelli, Michael Page, Michal Dziekan, Mu Pan, Odile Van Der Stap, Paolo Pedroni, Phlegm, Rinat Shingareev, Taka Sudo, Tiago Lopo, Thiago Reginato

Go buy one!

Don’t Wake Daddy IV

December 1 – 22

Participating Artists:
Atak, Anthony Ausgang, Dan Barry, Jana Brike, Chris Buzelli, Daniel Cantrell, John Casey, Belicta Castelbarco, Paul Chatem, Brendan Danielsson, Danielle de Picciotto, Justin DeGarmo, Alex Diamond, Mark Elliott, Sebastian Feld, Charles Glaubitz, Kelly Haigh, Thorsten Hasenkamm, Gregory Hergert, Ryan Heshka, Natalie Huth, Charlie Immer, Gregory Jacobsen, Colin Johnson, Boje Arndt Kiesiel, Elmar Lause, Sean Lewis, Carolin Löbbert, Jon MacNair, Mia Mäkilä, Moki, Brendan Monroe, Sergio Mora, Chris Mostyn, Heiko Müller, Skot Olsen, Anthony Pontius, Wolfgang Sangmeister, Raudiel Sanudo, Marcus Schäfer, Kim Scott, Michael Slack, Allison Sommers, Nathan Spoor, Fred Stonehouse, Collin van der Sluijs, Marco Wagner, Eric White

Feinkunst Krüger
Kohlhöfen 8
20355 Hamburg

Beautiful/Decay – Book 9: The Seven Deadly Sins

I’m super excited to be featured in the latest issue of Beautiful/Decay. Go buy yourself some copies!

“Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Pride, and Envy have been explored—and challenged—for centuries by artists, scholars, and writers. In this issue of Beautiful/Decay, you’ll find artists who explore these themes through a contemporary lens, either by explicitly calling out those deemed guilty of committing one of the Seven Deadly Sins, or by turning the sweeping notion of sin right on its head.”

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